I am at my latest closing 1500 Macon Drive in Little Rock AR. This is a retail center that I closed on last week. We sold it for 3,250,000 – it has 26 tenants with about 27,000 square feet total. The reason I’m bringing you this property is to talk to you about off-market properties. That is what this property was – an off-market property. I had been calling around to different retail centers looking for owners who wanted to sell. I found this seller and he was in the process of getting ready to sell. He did not want it on the market. There are numerous reasons why sellers do not want their property on the market. In Residential Real Estate it is against a lot of M LS rules to have off-market properties. Commercial real estate is different. This seller just didn’t want everyone to know what he was doing. So we made an offer, we had it inspected, and we had the appraisal done. We did all of this without bothering any of the tenants. A lot of my properties are sold off-market. People called me and go “Hey I want to sell this property but I really don’t want the whole world to know”. When they do that I say “OK fine” and what I do is I go through my list of buyers who might be interested. Then I also think about other agents who I might call that have called me and said that they have buyers. It is a great way to get the inside information on coming on the market properties. If you would like to be on my off-market list and if you’re interested in investing either in a retail space or multifamily give me a call. We can set up a time to meet and talk about investing in real estate. Cassie wells kW commercial 501-993-1973


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