If you are thinking it’s time to move or expand your business in Arkansas, you’re right.  I thought that I would bring you some good news about Arkansas today. United Van Lines did their annual migration study; which ranks Arkansas 10th in the Nation for inbound moves.  One only has to take a look at the residential market to see this reality. Arkansas is also ranking as one of the top mid-size markets. Mid-sized areas are currently seeing high growth rates, with more people moving into the area. Large-sized areas, like Chicago, San Francisco, and Boston are currently seeing a decline.

With more and more people working from home, it is easier for people to move to mid-sized markets and still work at existing jobs.  One of the companies that are expanding here in Arkansas is Fiber Pro. They are going to be adding 70 new jobs in Hot Springs. They are a state-of-the-art lumber company. They are expanding because lumber prices have gone up 188% over the pandemic. Part of the reason is that everyone is staying home and they are doing renovations. All the fires out in the West have not helped plus the wood coming in from Canada has high tariffs right now. I am reading that lumber is going down in price around the end of the year. Anchor Packaging is expanding in Paragould, they are going to add 45 new jobs. Simmons Pet Food in Siloam Springs is going to be hiring another 150 jobs because they are expanding. We love seeing the expansions, especially here in Arkansas!

If you’re interested in moving your company to Arkansas, let me know. I’d be more than happy to help get the information that you need to help your company move to Arkansas!


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