Cassie Wells KW Commercial Keller Williams Realty. I am at 1405 N Pierce Little Rock AR. I have just helped MVMT Place rent a space here, they help people overcome injuries with Pilates. I’m excited for them to come and open up in Little Rock. So, let us go inside and look and see what they are all about. Here is the inside of my friend’s studio MVMT Place. What she does is to help people get mobility through Pilates. I have learned a lot about Pilates today just walking through the studio. I’m excited to have her here and I get to try some of the equipment next week. So, I did go to MVMT Place and had a workout. It was fabulous. The workout was with my abdominal muscles; I could feel them the next couple days. I have never ever had a good AB workout, so I highly recommend MVMT place. If you just want a good workout or if you have movement problems, Sophie would be more than happy to help you. You can find her on Facebook MVMT place and then also her website is Look her up. Like my business page to see what small business, I will highlight next.


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